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Rank Structure Change
May 26, 09 2:48 PM
The Winds of Change
May 13, 09 10:46 AM
Bandits Go Voice Chat With Ventrilo
Feb 20, 09 1:14 PM
Dec 3, 08 12:07 PM
Bandits of Azeroth Has a New Address!
Dec 3, 08 11:47 AM
All members that want to be on the raid team MUST complete a raid application. This can be found in our forums in the raid forums. Thank you.

Also, I encourage raiders new to Naxx to visit the Raid tab, there is some nice fight descriptions there for the first 2 wings in Naxx.
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Rank Structure Change

Antileze, May 26, 09 2:48 PM.
Update 12-1-09
The plan to create 2 separate guilds has been tabled indefinitely.

I have removed the rank of Journeyman 2, guildies will reach the level of Journeyman and when the criteria has been met and the leadership determines that it is appropriate to do so guildies will be premoted to Journeyman Elite. A new rank of Role/Class leader will be put in place. The responsibilities of each of these ranks will be added to this post in the near future.

Update 6-1-09

As you read through this wall of text try to see it from my heart and what I want for the Guild, what it can become and what each of you can become in this Guild. You may have read it once already and now you are seeing some changes. I am one who has no problem excepting ideas from others, even critisim if it is needed which is why this document is in revision #4. Some of you have been courageous enough to express your views and you have my utmost respect for that, the rest of you, well speak now or for ever hold your peace.
This rank structure is going to roll out and all I can say is that you all have had your opportunity to speak with me as I am on the game alot either on my main Gildorn or one of my alts which are all in the Guild so talking to me is not impossible.

Understand that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem!


Well I did tell you there would be changes that would affect everyone of you in some way. I am going to change the rank structure to something that I am familiar with as well as many of you who I have spoken to are and that I know will be simpler to manage.

We will be using a apprentice/journeyman structure. It will be as follows:

This title will be given to any toon that is not your main. ALTs will have no GV access privleges. If you have an alt in this Guild you will be able to gear them up yourself from the GV depending on your level of access. The Guild Leader is the only one who can make an exception.

30 day probation with website registration (no registration means no promotion) Probies will have no privileges, they will not be able to deposit or withdraw anything from the guild vault without making a written request of the Treasurer.

Apprentice is level 1-60
Will be allowed to deposit and withdraw from tabs 1 and 2 up to 3 stacks per day. A written request to the Treasurer will be required for anything more. An apprentice should seek out a willing journeyman for guidance and help with learning how to play the game. It will be the apprentice's responsibility to seek out and group with toons of their current level for team building,questing etc. Someday you will be at a level where you will need to have established relationships within the guild to team with for running higher level content. Your willingness to show your desire to learn and improve your game play through offline study and grinding info out of the Journeyman will way heavy on whether you become a Journeyman at level 60.

Journeyman is level 60-80
Will be able to deosit and withdraw up to 5 stacks per day from the first 3 tabs.  There will be no withdraws from the 4th tab without a written request to the Treasurer. A written request to the Treasurer will be required for anything more.
A journeyman is someone who has the added responsibility of sharing what they have  learned about playing the game IE strategies for questing, earning a living through a profession, talent placement, gearing up, etc. While I am not requiring any 60-80 guild member to run people through a level 20 instance or do their questing for them neither am I saying don't. There are a dozen reasons why I believe it is a bad idea. I only ask that you help someone learn to be the type of player that will be an asset to themselves as well as the Guild. Your ability to become a Prospect and begin doing higher level content with the Journeyman Elites will rest upon how you handle your responsibilities as a Journeyman. You will have second call to content the Elites are running should they chose.

Journeyman Elite level 80
Deposit and withdraw up to 10 stacks per day from the all 4 bank tabs. Additional stacks needed will be done so with a written request to the Treasurer.
All the Journeyman criteria that has been laid out in the Journeyman section is required of all Elites. You are also going need to be active in teaching the Prospects and may be called on to give an evaluation. I expect the Elites to be first and foremost Guild members with the Guild's interest at heart.

Raid Leader
Will have full privileges with deposit and withdraws and will have the full confidence of the Guild Leader as my second in decisions regarding the Guild. Has the responsibility of creating runs and assigning leadership should he not be attending and will make decisions on Journeyman becoming Prospects and the final decision on who becomes an Elite.

Guild Leader
The ultimate authority on all things related to the Guild and has the final say on everything if necessary. (I hate to put it this way, but if I become uncomfortable with any aspect of this rank structure I will change it to meet the needs of the Guild as I see fit.)

Treasurer ( one who maintains the Guild Vault and its treasures) This person may have helpers they will have the complete confidence of the Guild leader to make appropriate decisions as to how the Guild Vault will be maintained and to how the GV loot will be distributed.

If anyone is suspected of abusing their Guild Vault priveleges they will be warned once, if it happens again they will be demoted to a rank with no privleges. Should it happen a third time then they will be kicked from the Guild with all due speed.

There will be no repairs from the Guild Vault.

The Winds of Change

Antileze, May 13, 09 10:46 AM.
Most of you know that Phay has stepped down and promoted me to Guild Leader, I want to be the best Guild Leader I can and I look forward to your constructive suggestions on how I might do that.

I am sure you all have questions and the answer to the first one is yes there will be changes coming and you all will be affected in some way. My intention is that it would not be a negative experience.

I would like to see us continue to be a fun, social guild that has people of all levels ready to help the ones on their way up.

I believe we can be a guild that offers the opportunity for the casual, social leveler and the people who want to do 5,10,25 man content.

I would encourage that the 80s help down to 70 and the 70's help down to 60 and on from there.

I am also going to strongly recommend that each of you start grouping with people from your level and run instance together get to know each other like the 80s who run together now did.

This is the tip of the ice berg for my thoughts. And you can count on the fact that I will have many more things to say.


Bandits Go Voice Chat With Ventrilo

Antileze, Feb 20, 09 1:14 PM.
no vent

Super Velkenn, Dec 3, 08 12:07 PM.
Just wanted ya'll to know im working on the page trying to get it looking better so if things keep changeing don't mind it I will eventually get the hang of this... Super Velk

Bandits of Azeroth Has a New Address!

System, Dec 3, 08 11:47 AM.
Bandits of Azeroth has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!
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